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About SimpleMall

SimpleMall vision is to connect all buyers and sellers in the local community, with a great range of product categories where everyone can buy, sell and find just about everything in SimpleMall marketplace.

SimpleMall main priority and ambition is to continue to facilitate and grow the local community marketplace where all Malaysians can prosper via its simple registration and transaction process flow.

SimpleMall is smart yet a simple marketplace system that eliminates the need for a store to be in brick and mortar, rather it will be in an electronic format allowing buyers to visit and purchase from the store anytime anywhere, creating a whole new open market for the store.

Due to significantly lower cost to operate an electronic store, such savings can then be passed on to the buyers resulting in more affordable local products for everyone.

SimpleMall aim is for its marketplace to be as simple as possible so that every Malaysian from all walks of life can understand and use it with great ease.

Thanking in advance for your support.
Adillah Bin Abu Samah